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IVR Encyclopaedia of Jurisprudence, Legal Theory and Philosophy of Law
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
Dictionary of Philosophy
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Europa Glossary - dictionary of European law terminology
Online Books – Philosophy
The Catholic Encyclopedia
University of Oslo Law Faculty, Research Group on Internationalisation of Law (subgroup Legal and Political Theory)
Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law
Brian Leiter's Legal Philosophy Blog
Svein Eng’s home page
Legal Theory Blog - Lawrence Solum
Lars Johan Materstvedt's home page - bioethics

Legal Theory Journals (browsable)

American Journal of Jurisprudence
Ancilla Iuris
Archives de philosophie du droit
Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie (ARSP)
Argumentation - An International Journal on Reasoning
Bulletin d'analyse phénoménologique
Informal Logic
International Journal of Žižek Studies
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy
Journal of Law and Society
Journal of Moral Philosophy
Journal of Philosophy
Journal of Philosophy, Science and Law
Journal of Political Philosophy
Journal of Social Philosophy
Law and Critique
Law and Philosophy
Legal Studies
Legal Theory
Les ateliers de l'éthique
No Foundations – Journal of Extreme Legal Positivism
Norsk filosofisk tidsskrift
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
Philosophy & Public Affairs
Public Reason
Ratio Juris
Res Publica - A Journal of Moral, Legal and Social Philosophy
Sortuz - Oñati Journal of Emergent Socio-legal Studies
Theoretical Inquiries in Law